Month: January 2015

Homosexuals and the Church

A relatively small step taken this week by the Church, though I will say I’m happy they’ve done it. ┬áThis week, the church came out in support of anti-discrimination legislation that would include protections for the LGBT community, at least as far as housing and employment (at non-church institutions). Like I said – not a giant leap, but at least a small step.

However, what I found most refreshing, was the use of terms such as LGBT, Gay, Lesbian, and homosexuals. I’m so tired of the church’s use of “Same-Gender-attraction” or talk of “So-called homosexuals” – and I think this is the first time I’ve seen those terms used in any semi-official way aside from the MormonsAndGays website put out (quietly) by the church. ┬áThe use of these other terms has been quite belittling, de-legitimizing, and I’m excited to see them disappear from our lexicon.

Anyway, line upon line…