In the beginning

Once again, I set out on a blogging adventure.  I was, I think, a little overambitious last time.  My plan this time will be for less frequent but more consistent posts. I’ll be aiming to use this site more as a real collecting place for my thoughts, with the added benefit of some feedback from others on occasion.

The impetus for getting back into this has to do with the recent events involving John Dehlin, Kate Kelly, and Rock Waterman. I’ve been a big fan of John’s for a couple years now, and feel that his work with “borderlands” members has been invaluable to many, as it has with me.  Kate I wasn’t as familiar with until the episode, though I’d had passive exposure to the Ordain Women movement.  Though I have a pretty strong feminist side, I’m not convinced that ordination of women is necessarily the best solution, but definitely a viable option to consider.  Rock, I really look up to in his willingness to say what’s on his mind.  I definitely disagree with his posts frequently, but really appreciate the points he raises and think they’re generally great useful thoughts to consider.

I have concern about the possibility for less willingness on behalf of members to openly discuss difficult topics in the wake of these recent events.  I’m concerned about me being less willing to do so. Therefore, in response, I’ve decided to relaunch my blog as a way to push myself not to allow myself to be intimidated into selective silence.

To get things started, I’ll be pulling over a few of my old posts from my old dilapidated blog, and trying to update them a bit in the process.


Penny for your thoughts... except I have no pennies.

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